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Futuristic innovations by Interior Designers of Goa at JD Design Awards 2023

The interior design exhibition showcased by the young designers at JD Design Awards 2023 concluded on a high note. In attendance were renowned architects, media and influencers alongwith parents and students who came down in good numbers to support and motivate the youth of Goa. The outstanding projects showcased by students of JD School of Design (Affiliated to Goa University) and JD Institute of Fashion Technology celebrated cutting edge creativity that reviewed and redefined Goa with modern tech.

The future of Tur evolving world, its changing landscape and the way forward provided the crux of the interior design exhibition. The overriding conviction was that the next generation of forward-thinking designers who believe in moving ahead and yet being rooted to their culture and heritage. This reiterates their position as the enablers of the new smart industry era. The projects on display and the thoughts that went into its creation demonstrated the central and crucial role played by this new wave of thought that one must not be confined. Sustainable practices that fuse the traditional with the modern was resoundingly echoed in the work presented by the young interior designers. Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee of JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology stated, “Education helps to spport young designers to achieve their dreams. At the interior design exhibition we were able to witness students work that showed the incorporation of tech in banking, reflection of the warmth of Goans and the Portuguese influence, wellness initiatives etc. Kudos to the budding superstars for pushing the envelope and championing innovation which is the key to the evolutionary process that is revolutionising the industry.”

Aishwarya Shrishail Mirje, Interior Design student of JD School of Design and  participant at the recent interior design exhibition at JD Design Awards shared, “My experience for the JD Design Awards from brain storming to my final execution of my project was a fun experience. My project revolved around the old vernacular style of architecture. This helped me explore and taught me a lot about sustainable practices.”

JD Design Awards was created to provide aspiring designers with a space for their creative voices.

The winners of the Interior Design Exhibition at JD Design Awards 2023 were:

Best Thesis of the Year – Dhanashree Pratap Singh, student of Interior Design at JD School of Design for her project, Soil to Soul which was based on the Earthship concept that provides a space for potters and clay artists to teach people about this forgotten artform.

Best Virtual Experience – Fernandes Elton Francisco, student of Interior Design at JD School of Design for his project, Industrial Dinette a sustainable restaurant space in Industrial style made using reclaimed/recycled materials. This style reduces heat in seating aras and harvests wind energy.

 Best Concept of the Year – Shahin Kausar Bashir Ahamad Belur, student of Interior Design at JD School of Design for her project, Rainbow Dazzlers, a kindergarten child friendly school where students are motivated to develop beliefs and build ther confidence. It also provides opprotunities for creativity and imagination to flourish.

 Special Jury Award – Naik Teja Dayanand, student of Interior Design at JD School of Design for her project Sobit Nirmit, a concept store for handicrats of Goa and an in-house cafe which will be housed in an Indo-Portuguese style mansion. The aim is to represent Goa and its cuture by supporting the indigenous people and their art and craft forms.

 Best Execution – Emmanuel Antonio Fernandes, student of Interior Design at JD School of Design for his project Old World Charm, a restaurant and bar that spells the old world charm of rural havelis showcasing the use of natural materials around the context of informal vibe that is tweaked to create a semi formal space which is true to its culture and context.

 Best Project of the Year – Tejas Fadte, student of Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology for his project Poderalo Konso which is a rustic bakery which paid tribute to the baker.

 Best Execution – Wayde Francisco De Sa, student of Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology for his project Reflection an installation which is a tribute to oneself and the life that a person has lived.

 Special Jury Award – Sanchia D’Souza, student of Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology for her project Yantras wherein she designed furniture for a visual merchandise for a jewellery store inspired by the Mandala art

 Most Innovative Design Solution – Cressida Roseann Lobo, student of Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology for her project Modern Offline Banking which is a public area in a private sector bank that would provide better customer seating areas as well as a more systematic spacious layout where AI kiosks will be station to build a more approachable environment that caters to all ages.

“I liked the step-by-step review process which was instrumental for best outcome. We were guided by our faculties who imparted their feedback to help better our work. This process is instrumental as it will help us in the future to understand how things are conducted and how to be prepared for the outcome in the real world. I am thankful for JD School of Design and JD Design Awards for providing with a platform to showcase our talent and learning that we have received from college,” says Emmanuel Antonio Fernandes.

About JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is a multi-award winning establishment that was created to provide students the tools to pave a path to acceleraate their design aspirations. To supply to the growing market JD Institute offers a wide variety of courses in the field of Design, Management, Technology and Art. The Institute plays a vital role in shaping the students to be authentic and help build the future generation of diruptive leaders.


 About JD School of Design:

JD School of Design seeks to bring world-class education to ambitious designers with the framework of exploration into various creative collaborations in the field of Design, Art and Media. The school stands out for its new-age academic programs in affiliation with Goa University (Goa center) and Bengaluru City University (Bangalor center) and collaboration with Singhania University (Bangalore Center).


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