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The new way of thinking at JD Design Awards 2023 – Interior and Jewellery Exhibition

The three-day interior and jewellery design exhibition at JD Design Awards 2023 was successfully completed on 10th June 2023 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. In attendance were renowned brands, jewellery designers, architects, interior designers, associations, media and influencers alongwith parents and students who came down in good numbers to support and motivate the young designers. The exceptional projects showcased by students of JD School of Design (Affiliated to Bengaluru City University) and JD Institute of Fashion Technology celebrated cutting edge creativity that redefined tech and design solutions.

The award ceremony was attended by industry experts Dr. Kanwal Sujit, Managing Director – Terralive Envirotech Pvt. Ltd.; Ar. R Leela Kirshna, Proprietor RLK Architect and Interior; Ms. Sowmya Raykar, Interior Architect and Spatial Designer; Ms. Rachel Shibani, Founder of My Master’s Strokes; Mr. Venkatesh Babu, CEO of Sri Kanteshwara Jewellery Mart; Mr. Abhishek Jain, Department Head in Diamonds, Nikhaar Jewellers; Ms. Pallavi Bhushan, Design Head of Asian Star; Mr. Sukumar Kagganty Satish, Founder of Kyra Gallery.

Technological advancements in the interior design landscape is evolving and was the core of the design exhibition. A sustainable practice that combines tradition and modernity was strongly reflected in the work of the young interior designers. This reaffirms their position as pioneers of a new era of intelligent industry. The interior design exhibits displayed the accessibility of amazing innovations. The products on display varied from home automation, adoption of latest trends like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The designers showed how the resources and tools could be used in favour of creating more efficient spaces. However, tradition and convention was not lost as preservation of heritage and cultural influences were reflected strongly at the event.

The Jewellery Design display beautifully represented the finesse and thoughts of the budding jewellery designers. Each of the intricate projects had a story which made the pieces intriguing and provided depth to the jewellery. The young talents were confident and understood the prominence of crafting memorable works of art that were influenced by varied sources such as Big Dipper Constellation, works of Raja Ravi Varma, Sun God, Dr. G. V. Rao, Light, Auroville, Palitana Temple, Victorian Era and ancient medicinal book Sushrutha Samhita. Through confidence the young designers were able to deliver products that got noticed and stood out.

The event also had an exclusive space for Industry experts to network with young designers and offer them opportunities to work for them. Ms. Bharti Paliwal, Assistant Manager from Furniture & Fittings Skill Council was in attendance to distribute skill certification to students under the NIPUN scheme.

The winners of JD Design Awards – Interior and Jewellery Design were:

Interior Design
  • Best Project of the Year – Tejaswini D – Ms.Cheese Cake
  • Special Jury Award – Tanuja & Chalavadi Meghana – Kshitij
  • Best Execution of the Year – Shama Shashidhar Shetty – Nirvana
  • Best Concept of the Year – Sri Harish & Kismath Khan – Football Fan Club
  • Best Live Set-up – Mehak Malhotra & Aarushi Vij – Yadoon ki baaraat
  • Best Multifunctional Design – G Sai Bhargavi, Molleti Divitha & Bhavana J – The Legacy Lives on: The Puneet Rajkumar Performance Arena
  • Best Methodology – M Sakshi & Sanya A Jain – Antidote Bar
  • Best Methodology – Kusum M – Grandé
  • Most Innovative Design Solution – Vikram J – StarLlink
  • Best User Experience Design – Chembrolu Saipriya & Poorvi D S – Designers Hub
  • Best Furniture Design –  N Suman & Shruti Rathi – Kinaara
  • Best Sustainable Design – Balraj Jadhav & Roshan R – D7 bike showroom
  • Best Thesis of the Year – Shreya Giridhar – Vaasathin Isai
  • Best Project of the Year – Bhuvan M – Samati
  • Best Execution of the Year – Chathurthi M S – Mango Farmhouse
  • Best Concept of the Year – Kashika Aggarwal – The Oasis Kafih
  • Best Set Design – Neha Manjunath – Celluloid Chronicles
  • Special Jury Award – Abhirami R – Transient Tangles
  • Special Jury Award –  Sri Haran – Atharva Illam
  • Best Methodology – Neha K – Elysian
  • Best Methodology – Kashish M Jain – Dhara
  • Best VR Experience – Abhishek M S – Futuristic Folios
  • Most Innovative Design – Harshith S – Pitstop Style
  • Best Sustainable Design – Jethin Kumar K – Garrison of Exuberance
  • Best Thesis of the Year – Deepali Vishwanath – Sunita Kohli Cultural Centre
  • Best Project of the Year – Sushmitha J – CareCube
  • Best Execution of the Year – Preethi Charles – Sakura Foldscape
  • Best Exhibit – Tarun S – Ainmane
  • Special Jury Award – Nayani Jain – Sync
  • Special Jury Award – Aakanksha Maharshi – Alp Abode
  • Best Sustainable Design – Manoj C – Balku Bhans
  • Best VR Experience – Priya Ravikumar Dandamuri – Together
  • Best Multifunctional Furniture Design – Tata Venkata Sukanya – EcoNest
  • Best Furniture Design – Lasin Basheer – Tharavad (Old House in Kerala)
  • Best Concept Design – Nikita Singh – The Nutri Nexus
  • Best User Experience Design – Anisha P – Gateway
Jewellery Design
  • Best Executed Collection – Lakshmi Sravanthi Amanchi – Vaidyaratna
  • Most Versatile Design Collection – Susmitha Kudary – Syv Estrela
  • Best Design Collection – Gangisetty Rupa – Vivasvan
  • Statement Jewellery Collection – Sameya Kausar A – Chitra Manjari

Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee of JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology stated, “It is important to understand that we are at the cusp of technological revolution and we need to be at the forefront of this change. Young designers should stay updated and adapt to change with gusto. I feel proud to be a part of these interesting times.”

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