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The Den Bengaluru X JD Design Awards 2024: A Partnership to Support Young Designers

Get ready for a dazzling extravaganza of fashion and jewellery design! The Den Bengaluru, a millennial luxury hotel known for its urban elegance, is proud to be a venue & hospitality partner for the prestigious JD Design Awards 2024.
The Den Bengaluru X JD Design Awards 2024 A Partnership to Support Young Designers (1) (1)This June, The Den Bengaluru, Whitefield, will open as a thriving creative hub prepared to present the next generation of design talent. Remember to mark your calendars.

The Den in Bengaluru: Where Luxury Meets Buzz City chic meets modern design:

Unwind in the heart of Whitefield’s vibrant energy. Designed to fuel your creativity and leave you feeling refreshed, The Den Bengaluru is different from your typical hotel.

Unforgettable Experiences by Design:

The Den’s core values are the key to their exceptional guest experience.
The Den Bengaluru X JD Design Awards 2024 A Partnership to Support Young Designers (1)

  • Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Expect the unexpected at The Den. They’re all about surprising and delighting you with unique experiences throughout your stay.
  • Effortless Excellence: Sit back and relax. The Den’s team is committed to ensuring a seamless and worry-free stay for you.
  • Your Sanctuary in the City: The Den offers the perfect balance between urban energy and tranquil escape. In their warm and inviting atmosphere, find your Zen.A seasoned hotelier with a wealth of experience in major worldwide hotel chains, Vinesh Gupta is the general manager of The Den Bengaluru. He is dedicated to developing the next generation of talent in the hospitality industry. His great love of food and drink inspires him to always improve the dining experiences for his guests, which reflects his unwavering dedication to providing exceptional hospitality.
The JD Design Awards 2024: Where Fashion’s Future Takes Flight

The Den Bengaluru X JD Design Awards 2024 A Partnership to Support Young Designers (2)
The JDDA 2024 is a vibrant celebration of young talent, with a special focus on sustainable design. Witness rising stars in fashion and jewellery design take centre stage, pushing the boundaries of innovation with a focus on eco-conscious practices.

Prepare to be dazzled by not just impeccable style and boundless creativity, but also by outfits that incorporate sustainable and unexpected materials. These future fashion icons are redefining what it means to be a designer in today’s world. Industry veterans, fashion influencers, and leading media will be there to discover the sustainable design stars of tomorrow.

Launching the Next Generation Of Talent

The Den Bengaluru X JD Design Awards 2024 A Partnership to Support Young Designers (3)The Den, a trailblazing & pioneering force in nurturing hospitality talent, forms a symbiotic partnership with the JDDA’s mission of nurturing young design talent. Both are dedicated to providing a platform for the next generation to push creative boundaries and redefine their respective industries.
Rahul Dev Shetty, a renowned show director, model, and actor, has expertly choreographed the event, ensuring a polished and professional experience that launches these young talents onto the runway of design fame, all while promoting a sustainable future for fashion.

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