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Goa’s Next-Gen Designers Shine at JD Awards 2024

JD Design Awards 2024 wrapped up its first event in Goa with an inspirational design extravaganza. The collections and designs presented had inspiring stories attached to them. Here, at the crossroads of imagination and innovation, young designers dared to envision the future of design through the lens of future fiction. Influential people from the media, academicians, premium brands, and members of the design industry attended the show.

The event commenced after the lighting of the lamp by Mr Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee – JD Institute of Fashion Technology and Founder of JD School of Design; Ms Sandra Agnes D’Souza, Director South – JD Institute of Fashion Technology; Mr Yogesh Dalal, Trustee, JD Institute of Fashion Technology; JD School of Design, Goa; and Ms Neysa Vas, HOD, JD School of Design, Goa.

The future of design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing designs & collections; they also need to be crafted in a way that tells a story. The design aspirants of JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology presented a comprehensive range of advanced designs that unleashed ground-breaking ideas.

From intricate detailing to the incorporation of technology, the show opened the doors to innovation. The purpose of JD Design Awards is to mobilise the youth of our country and shape experiences. The curated design extravaganza showcased next-gen talent from Goa who have a passion for becoming future fashion industry leaders.

Mr. Nealesh Dalal says, “JD Design Awards is at the threshold of disrupting the field of design thinking and its discipline. The youth of Goa have shown what it takes to be fashion-forward. This is just the beginning. We envision JD Design Awards as a platform that will propel young designers not just in India but on a global scale, shaping the future of design itself.”

On the occasion were Dr. Niyan Joseph Marchon, Professor State Higher Education Council, Directorate of Higher Education, Goa and Smt. Anne Gonsalves E Carneiro, Assistant Registrar Undergraduate Examination Department Goa University, Ms Rita Godinho E Vaz, Associate Professor,Goa College Of Home Science.

Witnessing the incredible talent on display and the excitement of presenting the awards created a truly cherished memory for all the young designers involved.

Showcasing exceptional talent in fashion design were:

  • Shobha KC was awarded Best Research & Execution for the collection Dhakali: A Phantasm, which reimagines the future by blending traditional Limbu culture with futuristic designs.
  • Vanessa Chrissie Alvares was awarded Best Design Collection for the collection Siren Ebony, which presents a futuristic take on the classic Little Black Dress that seamlessly merges fashion & technology.
  • Vaishnavi Mandrekar was awarded Best Pret Wear for the collection Service in Style, which redefines modern fashion for the pragmatic individual.
  • Simran Pereira was awarded the Experimental Collection award for the collection Dichotomy in Symphony, which redefines tradition by incorporating waste plastic into sleek, futuristic silhouettes.
  • Khatunbi Shifa Panna was awarded Jury’s Choice for the collection Neobugs – a Future Unearthed, which envisions a future where technology & biology merge, promoting environmental consciousness.
  • Nirja Alimchandani was awarded Best Commercial Collection for the collection Rudraksha, which reflects harmony, strength, and a connection to nature.
  • Marilyn Joanne Fernandes was awarded Best Pret Wear for the collection Water, which celebrates the timeless presence of water in sustaining life on Earth.
  • Wayde Francisco De Sa was awarded the Critic’s Award for the collection Fashion Through the Eyes of an Architect, which tells a story of construction from the architect’s vision to the final design.
  • Juan Anapaula Piedade Mota was awarded the Special Jury Award for the collection Fluid Fungii Elegance, which blends organic beauty with modern fashion while embracing sustainability.

Adding their visionary touch to the world of interior design were:

  • Shrijal Sanjiv Talkar was awarded Most Innovative Design Solution for the design Revamping & Refurbing that transforms history onto the canvas, bridging the past with contemporary creativity.
  • Ramiro Lazarus De Silva was awarded Best Concept for the design of Water & Future Oceana – a wedding venue that brings to life an enchanting underwater world where every moment is a treasure.
  • Manasi Manoj Naik Kuradewas was awarded the Critics Award for the design of Nature & Future that embraces the harmony of nature and innovation, where sustainability meets cutting-edge technology.
  • Reenaz Abdul Karim Shaikh was awarded the Special Jury Award for the design Creating Haven of Artistic Therapy, which blends technology seamlessly with artistry, creating an intersection of design and culture.

The design industry stands on the brink of transformative change, driven by evolving technology and shifting societal needs. At JD Design Awards, we champion uninhibited creativity while providing clear direction and mentorship to aspiring designers. Serving as a launchpad for the next generation, we offer a platform for showcasing talents, networking with industry leaders, and gaining invaluable insights, empowering designers to navigate and shape the future of design.

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